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September 12th, 2011

02:56 am - Vintage SG: Citywalk performance, LA '97
I randomly came across this video while looking for a certain SG pic on google, you should check it out because it's almost a whole performance by SG back in '97 at an outdoor gig in LA, the sound is pretty decent! :)


I've never seen this video before now, though another old SG reg friend of mine informed me it's been around for ages, I just never saw it somehow LOL

My fave number in their set is the almost-complete "Mine"! :D Lovely song to start with, but they did a really great job with it here!
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October 5th, 2008

12:03 am
I made:

71 icons
3 banners
4 wallpapers

Please note that the wallpapers are simply large photos that I've fixed up and turned into wallpapers. They are also all 1024x768 and 800x600, but I'm willing to make other sizes if necessary.

Here @ cityofwonders

The post will be public for 3 days.

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May 1st, 2008

01:06 am - New Trailer and Pre-order for Time Machine Tour DVD
The trailer for the dvd debuted today so go to www.darrenhayes.com and check it out! There's a new splash page that loads the trailer and then you are given an option to pre-order the album, either the normal version of the special Deluxe version which will only be printed in a set of 2000 :) Exciting! I already pre-ordered mine and I'm happy they take Paypal, but just be warned you might have to refresh either the site or paypal's site because some people have been getting error messages. Just give it a few tries and it should work :D


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March 28th, 2008

12:56 pm - Temposhark t-shirt design contest
This may be a little off-topic but seeing as Temposhark toured with Darren last year, I don't think it is too amiss to mentioned that they are involved with a t-shirt design contest with Designed By Humans and that I submitted a design that can be found here:


Feel free to check it out and if you like what you see, please vote for it! You do have to sign up for an account to vote but it is free and I haven't noticed them spamming me with anything :)

I really enjoyed seeing Temposhark, they were a great opener for Darren and being able to design for them was also a real pleasure ^_^

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March 3rd, 2008

12:02 am - Tension And The Spark US Itunes Release!
Straight from the dh.com forums, posted by admin:
It was the album that Sony refused to release in America and yet ironically it is considered the best of his career.

We are pleased to announce that FINALLY the critically acclaimed ground breaking stunning tour de force that is 'THE TENSION AND THE SPARK' has made its U.S release debut at iTunes USA .

For those stateside who've been unable to get a hold of this pivotal album - we triumphantly point you toward the U.S iTunes store to check out this sonic masterpiece.

About Time!

I'm not a fan of Itunes myself but yay in general! :D Always good to see the album get more exposure, it never really got it the way it should have :)


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January 31st, 2008

12:43 am - MySpace Blog: Good News and Bad News...

Good news and bad news..
Category: Music

Straight to the point : No more U.S dates.

My sincere apologies to everyone who was
hoping we'd be able to make it again. Unfortunately the right combination of available
dates and venues just didn't align.

I'm really glad that I've been to America so much in the past 12 months and seen so many of you up close and personal. OF COURSE I'm sad I couldn't come back for one more round of shows for 'Delicate..' but I feel so lucky to have had a year of the best experiences singing my heart out with people I adore.

The good news is, we filmed The Time Machine Tour in glorious high definition and will be releasing the DVD of the show world wide.

Here's a little tease hot off the presses. I know its not as good as being there in person but it's the next best thing! Hopefully it will give those of you who missed out on the tour a sense of the magic we all felt..

Once again, thanks to all of you who expressed such warmth and understanding and just know that none of my dreams would have come true without your constant support.

Big love


Click the link to see the picture he mentions, I don't want to steal bandwidth :)
Sorry to the rest of us North Americans, no tour for us :/


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January 27th, 2008

12:09 pm - Duplicates to go to a good home ^^
Hey guys, I found a box with an abundance of CD singles in it from both Savage Garden and Darren Hayes so I'm selling off the duplicates. If anyone is interested you're more than welcome to comment or email me ^^ I'm more than happy to give more specific details about the conditions of CDs as I'm only giving a brief overview of each one.

Please note: All singles are Australian releases unless stated otherwise. Also, it's a little hard to be generous when you're rating the cardboard sleeve singles because they do damage quite easily and nearly all of them are 10 years old now. I've tried to give an as honest account as possible.

As new conditon: $7 AUD
Great condition: $7 AUD
Good condition: $6 AUD
Average condition: $5 AUD
Poor condition: $2 AUD
Album: $30 AUD

Quite a listCollapse )


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January 18th, 2008

12:35 am - MySpace blog from Darren: U.S dates - last live shows this year
"I'll be announcing news soon about North Amercian dates.
They'll be my last live shows anywhere in the world for 2008.
At this stage, it's just 6 cities.

*These could change prior to an official announcement, but just
wanted to give a heads up.

The proposed start date is March 14.
The proposed last show March 22.

When it's done, I'm off to take a well deserved break and
dream about the next thing.

I'm letting you know because lots of people have been asking me
about other cities, countries, planets.
And whilst I'm very touched and moved by your kind requests, I don't
want anyone expecting me to come somehwere I'm not able to.

It's been an incredible time and when the shows conclude I will have played
live for 12 months in support of 'This Delicate Thing We've Made'.

I can guarantee you I'll enjoy these shows more than any of you!
And I know, as always, I only have you to thank for making it all

More news (probably next week) when it's official.

Much love

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September 25th, 2007

12:32 pm - 'Me, Myself & i' video premiere!
As posted to Darren's MySpace blog:

Current mood: THRILLED

The stunning new music video for Me Myself and I directed by Richard Cullen and Darren Hayes for Pixelfing is now live for all the world to see. CLICK HERE to see it in all its high definition glory. THE SINGLE IS RELEASED NOV 5 AND WILL INCLUDE A HOST OF BSIDES, EXTRAS AND GOODIES.



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September 21st, 2007

10:17 am - Statement Regarding Alleged Incident Concerning Darren Hayes

Statement Regarding Alleged Incident Concerning Darren Hayes
Category: Music

Today the Crown Prosecution and The Metropolitan Police concluded there was no case to answer in relation to the recent allegation that singer Darren Hayes had racially abused a door person at a London restaurant on July 22nd 2007. Upon an investigation the Police recommended that no formal charges be brought against Mr. Hayes and that there was no racist undertone to the incident.

"I could never think, let alone utter a racist remark. It's just not who I am," Mr. Hayes said. "As a gay man, I find the notion of discriminating against a human being because of race, gender or sexuality to be abhorrent. It goes against everything I have stood for."

Mr. Hayes confirmed that an altercation took place at the restaurant, for which he received a caution, but strongly denied any racial undertones to the brief exchange. He is pleased that any notion of racism has been ruled out by Police recommendation and he was not charged with any crime.

"It was a horrible thing to be accused of and I want to thank all of my friends, family and fans for giving me the benefit of the doubt. The experience has been frustrating and at times made me very sad, but through it all I have to say I support the legal system and our right of protection under the law. I'm glad the truth is out there. I just want to concentrate on my music now."


Great news, justice prevails :)

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