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MySpace blog from Darren: U.S dates - last live shows this year - A Savagely Spinning Spark

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January 18th, 2008

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12:35 am - MySpace blog from Darren: U.S dates - last live shows this year
"I'll be announcing news soon about North Amercian dates.
They'll be my last live shows anywhere in the world for 2008.
At this stage, it's just 6 cities.

*These could change prior to an official announcement, but just
wanted to give a heads up.

The proposed start date is March 14.
The proposed last show March 22.

When it's done, I'm off to take a well deserved break and
dream about the next thing.

I'm letting you know because lots of people have been asking me
about other cities, countries, planets.
And whilst I'm very touched and moved by your kind requests, I don't
want anyone expecting me to come somehwere I'm not able to.

It's been an incredible time and when the shows conclude I will have played
live for 12 months in support of 'This Delicate Thing We've Made'.

I can guarantee you I'll enjoy these shows more than any of you!
And I know, as always, I only have you to thank for making it all

More news (probably next week) when it's official.

Much love

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