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This is the community for fans of all things Savage Garden and Darren Hayes :)

this community is owned/maintained by sunhawk and is open to all fans of every incarnation of Darren Hayes' work, of Savage Garden itself, of Daniel Jones too! You don't have to like everything discussed in this community, you can just like one song or everything you can get your hands on ^_^


* No flaming, three strikes warning for each flaming post and then you will be banned
* No spam unless it's a relevant community
* Please try to post only Darren/SG/Daniel related info here. If you happen to have an O/T conversation within a thread, that's perfectly fine ^_^
* Please use lj-cut tags for any images you care to post
* Please be respectful of Darren and Daniel's personal lives and their family/loved ones.
* Fanfiction and fanart is allowed, as long as it's behind a lj-cut

All aboard! Thanks for joining! :D

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